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From now until 2050 the Oslo region is expected to gain half a million new inhabitants. Over the next 25 years the city of Oslo will have some 170 000 new residents, the surrounding Akershus county 158 000.  centers in the region are expected to double in size; authorities even talk of establishing brand new cities. This dramatic growth puts pressure on the urban fabric of the region, its infrastructure, natural and social structures.

The three Norwegian Europan sites are all strategic in the regional development; in Bærummunicipality Hamang is a central post-industrial area, close to the station. It is an important area of biodiversity, partly inaccessible, but with great recreational potential. In Asker municipality Dikemark is a former mental institution with a hundred year old history. Built as a self sustained community, it has interesting qualities for developing a node outside the infrastructural system. And finally, the centre of Ås is a village located between the university and the rest of the region expected to double its population by 2030. Through Europan, Ås wants to take a strategic step in the direction of becoming a university town.

We welcome your take on the Oslo region. As an outsider you can see things that have not been seen before. Be provocative, speculative, challenging, critical and celebrative. Your ideas for the future will be highly appreciated.

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