Europan Norway


Europan 13 National Site Seminar

Europan Norway invited seven municipalities and developers to the National Site Seminar at gallery 0047 in Oslo Friday June 13. They presented their candidacy as Norwegian Europan site for the upcomming competition.

Europan Norway is very happy to see that the interest in taking part in the open and international competition is growing, in spite of the general tendency of less and less open competitions.

Europan Norway is also pleased to be able to choose sites from some of the most interesting urban developement areas in Norway right now. Europan 13 in Norway will allow young and international teams to present ideas for cities in need of innovative solutions. The winners will be able to work with ambitious municipalities and developers following the competition.

The theme for the coming competition is Adaptable City 2 and focuses on three subthemes;

- Segregation versus Sharing

- Wellfare state versus Self-organization

- Object versus Process

Europan 13 will launch February 2015.