Europan Norway


Avig Räta in Bergen

The Europan winner in Odda, the Swedish German team avig räta based in Berlin visits Bergen school of architecture 10th and 11th of June  for a guest lecture and the final critique on the course A+U Odda –Lagunen. The main teachers for the course are architect Jostein Lynghjem, artist May Elin Eikaas Bjerk and Principal Marianne Skjulhaug. Guest teachers have been the architects Michael Cosmas, Cypros and Gerrit Mosebach; Oslo. The main theme for the critique is to debate how we as architects can start processes for local discussions and urban development. Head of the department of cultural heritage in the county Per Morten Ekerhovd will participate.

Avig räta will have their open lecture in the auditorium, Tueseday the 10th at 19 o`clock. The lecture is divided into two parts with Odda Lace as the main issue- Odda Lace and public space- stationary and transitional.