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Thomas Sieverts new President of Europan Europe


On May 30 Thomas Sieverts was elected new president of Europan Europe by the Europan General Assemby. Europan Norway congratulates!

Thomas Sieverts (born 1934) is a German architect and urban planner. Sieverts is mainly known for his book "Cities without cities: An interpretation of the Zwischenstadt", a book that was a significant contribution to the discussion on the contemporary European city. Sieverts has been teaching in both Europe and the US, and was also director for the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park. He is one of Germany's most distinguished architectural theorists and Europan Norway looks forward to the contributions he can make to Europan Europe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Zollverein, IBA Emscher Park