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Europan 12 - Book of Results


Three sites in a booming region. Three places that share many of the same challenges; A growing population, pressure on land and infrastructure. And expectations to take their share of the densification surrounding the capital of Norway. This was the starting point for Europan 12 in Norway. The competition shows that the strategies for developing the Oslo region are plentifold.

The publication "Europan 12 - Book of Results"presents the awarded entries for the Norwegian Europan sites in Asker, Bærum and Ås. The book contains the full jury report plus behind the scenes coverage. Texts by Beatriz Ramo ("Sympathy for the devil") and Knut Eirik Dahl ("Europan Voids"). Profiles on all awarded teams.

128 pages. Edited by Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø.

Graphic design: Ariane Spanier

ISBN 978-82-92960-05-9

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