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10 awarded teams in Norway

Happy architects, landscape architects and Europan municipalities celebrated the outcome of the Europan 12 competi[...]
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Europan exhibited

Europan projects from Norway are exhibited in the exhibition "Arkitekturimport" at the Norwegian National Muse[...]
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Europan 13 National Site Seminar

Europan Norway invited seven municipalities and developers to the National Site Seminar at gallery 0047 in Oslo F[...]
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Prize Ceremony Europan 12

Europan Norge inviterer til offentliggjøring av vinnerne på de tre norske Europan 12 tomtene torsdag 12.[...]
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Winners of Europan 12 at Ås
UGO is a critical project on the inevita[...]
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Europan is a competition for innovative cities and young spatial practitioners

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